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Press Releases

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1 U.P. RERA decided to defer the option of physical hearing of complaints amidst the COVID-19 pandemic 16-04-2021 View File
2 U.P. RERA, acting at the joint proposal of the A.S.G.I. Properties Pvt. Ltd. and ASG Apple 7 Buyers Association, authorizes the A.S.G.I. Properties Pvt. Ltd for the completion of their stalled project Apple 7 in Ghaziabad under Section 8 read with 11 and 37 of RERA Act 12-04-2021 View File
3 यू०पी० रेरा एवं यू०पी० स्टेट लीगल सर्विसेज़ अथारिटी द्वारा आयोजित राष्ट्रीय लोक अदालत प्रदेश में कोविड-19 के बढ़ते मामलों की वजह से हुई स्थगित 05-04-2021 View File
4 यू०पी० रेरा, यू०पी० स्टेट लीगल सर्विस अथारिटी के सहयोग से दिनांक 10 अप्रैल, 2021 को यू०पी० रेरा लखनऊ मुख्यालय तथा क्षेत्रीय कार्यालय, ग्रेटर नौएडा में राष्ट्रीय लोक अदालत आयोजित करेगा 23-03-2021 View File
5 यू०पी० रेरा ने प्रोमोटर सुपरटेक के विरुद्ध जारी किया गैर अनुपालन का कारण-बताओ नोटिस 25-03-2021 View File
6 59th Authority Meeting 19-03-2021 View File
7 U.P. RERA takes strict action against 3 projects of Ansal API (Sushant Golf City, Lucknow) out of which 2 have been deregistered 11-02-2021 View File
8 उ०प्र० रेरा ने अंसल ए.पी.आई. (सुशांत गोल्फ सिटी, लखनऊ) की 3 परियोजनाओं के खिलाफ कड़ी कार्रवाई की, जिनमें से २ परियोजनाओं का पंजीयन किया निरस्त 11-02-2021 View File
9 Allottees of Jaypee Greens Knight Court project, Noida happy with the proactive approach of U.P. RERA towards the completion of the stalled project 20-02-2021 View File
10 उ०प्र० रेरा द्वारा अपने आदेशों के उल्लंघन हेतु 14 दोषी प्रोमोटर्स के विरूद्ध रू० 1.93 करोड़ का अर्थदण्ड लगाया गया। 05-02-2021 View File
11 U.P. RERA authorizes promoter Jaypee Associates Ltd to complete the long-stalled Jaypee Greens Knight Court project in Noida in co-operation with the Association of Allottees 29-01-2021 View File
12 UPRERA penalises 11 promoters with a cumulative penalty of Rs. 2.5 crore for non-compliance of its orders in favour of the Homebuyers 23-01-2021 View File
13 U.P. RERA along with Varanasi Development Authority organized its 1st Regional RERA Samvaad and Homebuyers Workshop 18-12-2020 View File
14 लंबे समय से लंबित परियोजना को पूरा करने के लिए यू.पी. रेरा के सक्रिय दृष्टिकोण से खुश जे.पी. कैलिपसो कोर्ट नोएडा के ख़रीदार 19-09-2020 View File
15 Buyers of Jaypee Kalypso Court Noida happy with the proactive approach of U.P. RERA for the completion of the long-pending project 19-09-2020 View File
16 U.P. RERA decided to issue a notice to Ansal API and show cause notice to the Supertech Realtors Pvt Ltd- 2nd September 2020 02-09-2020 View File
17 UPRERA_s efforts have brought transparency and accountability in the sector 04-09-2020 View File
18 39th Authority Board Meeting on 31st July 2020-18th August 2020 18-08-2020 View File
19 U.P. RERA held meeting with promoters regarding order compliance-19th August 2020 19-08-2020 View File
20 Day 3: U.P. RERA organises one-on-one meetings with promoters over the issue of non-compliance of RERA orders- 20th August 2020 20-08-2020 View File
21 UPRERA organised a virtual conference with the Development Authorities to discuss project delays and compliances-14 August 2020 14-08-2020 View File
22 Virtual Workshop held for Varanasi Promoters, Stakeholder said it was very fruitful- 12 June 2020 12-06-2020 View File
23 Extension of registration of real estate projects due to ‘force majeure’ under the provisions of RERA Act 2016- 20 May 2020 21-05-2020 View File
24 UPRERA begins Virtual Court Hearings, stakeholders applauded the step, 18 May 2020 18-05-2020 View File
25 RERA Samvaad gets huge response, 8 May 2020 12-05-2020 View File
26 RERA Samvaad- Promoters lauded Authority for giving timely approvals even during lockdown; Authority directs the officers to take up timely action, 11 May 2020 12-05-2020 View File
27 RERA Samvaad: Hearing of Public Grievance by U.P. RERA through video conference- 6 May 2020 06-05-2020 View File
28 Development of Grading Framework for the Real Estate projects and promoters in UPRERA- 22 April 2020 22-04-2020 View File
29 Extension of Validity period for registration of real estate projects in the state by 3 months- 14 April 2020 14-04-2020 View File
30 Authority Board Meeting on 27 January 2020 09-04-2020 View File
31 Authority Board Meeting on 30 December, 2019 06-01-2020 View File
32 27 September 2019 18-12-2019 View File
33 रेरा होगा और मजबूत 3 November 2019 18-12-2019 View File
34 1st National RERA Conclave- 4th November 2019 18-12-2019 View File
35 Authority Meeting 18 November 2019 18-12-2019 View File
36 Meeting with 15 Promoters regarding Stress Fund, 22 November 2019 18-12-2019 View File
37 Stress fund to complete pending realty projects, 5th December 2019 10-12-2019 View File
38 Meeting with Sr. Bank officials in Lucknow on 6th August 2019 24-09-2019 View File
39 Press Conferences on 04th September 2019 24-09-2019 View File
40 20th Authority Meeting on 04th September 2019 24-09-2019 View File
41 Authority held review meetings with 8 promoters on 21st August 2019 24-09-2019 View File
42 Conciliation Forum dated- 28th August 2019 24-09-2019 View File
43 UPRERA 06 August 2019 08-08-2019 View File
44 Authority Board Meeting 29 July 2019 06-08-2019 View File
45 Authority Review Meeting on 24 June, 2019 06-08-2019 View File
46 Remote Sensing Release 06-08-2019 View File
47 Release 11 June, 2019 06-08-2019 View File
48 6th Conciliation Forum meeting of NCR 22-07-2019 View File
49 UP RERA deregistered the project "Aranya Phase 3,4 and 5 28-05-2019 View File
50 UP RERA Review meeting at NCR 01-05-2019 View File
51 UP RERA issues notices to Ansal API for diverting Rs 606-crore funds 01-05-2019 View File
52 UP RERA asks scheduled Commercial Banks to strictly comply with the provisions of Section-4 01-05-2019 View File
53 UP RERA issued deregistration notices to 7 Builder 01-05-2019 View File
54 Press release of 2nd Conciliation Forum meeting at LKO 01-05-2019 View File
55 Press release of 1st Conciliation Forum meeting at NCR 14-02-2019 View File
56 Conciliation Forum Dated 31-12-2018 10-01-2019 View File
57 Kanpur Workshop on 15-12-2018 10-01-2019 View File
58 Review Meeting on 28-11-2018 02-01-2019 View File